Family Mass Group

Parish of the Annunciation Rathfarnham Family Mass GroupThe Family Mass is at 10.45am every Sunday. The Family Mass Group  helps to make the Gospel message more accessible to children and to assist them in their understanding that they belong to a loving Christian family.

The children and their families are encouraged to take part in the Mass through the readings, which are from the Lectionary for Masses with children, and the bringing forward of the offertory gifts.

Sometimes the children present gospel mimes or introduce the readings in a creative way with art work. Parents and children find their attention and interest in the Mass stimulated by the special activities and participation of the families and the children through the Liturgy. Adults and members of the congregation find the Family Mass highlights the Gospel message in a simple yet very effective way.

The Family Mass Group meets once every two months, to plan ahead and evaluate. The group work in teams of two and are present at the Family Mass where they ensure that readers are prepared and that families involved in the liturgy are comfortable with their various roles.

There is initial training with support and workshops during the year. New members for the team are very welcome and much needed.

If you would like more information contact Deacon Matt Murphy coordinator through the Parish Office 01-4958695 or email [email protected]