Baptismal Team

Our baptism team makes every effort to welcome families and their children who request baptism. They help parents to recognise the value of the gift they are bestowing on their children when they present them for baptism.

The team works in pairs on a rota basis. They host a pre-baptism meeting the Thursday before the baptism, where parents and godparents are welcomed. Two members of the team present an overview of the sacrament, the ceremony, and the responsibility that the parents are taking on.

These same two members attend the baptism, welcoming the families, ensuring that everyone is prepared and comfortable with what they are doing before sharing with the priest or Deacon in the celebration of the sacrament.

They also invite all children baptized during the year back to a Mass on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord in January.

The team meets every three to four months on a Thursday to review, plan and pray.

If you wish to participate in this wonderfully fulfilling ministry please contact Bairbre Kane Coordinator via the Parish Office 01 495 8695 or email [email protected]