Altar servers

What does an Altar Server do?
Altar Servers assist during the celebration of the Eucharist and are a visible example to the assembly of active participation during the Mass.
Who can be an Altar Server?
An Altar Servers must have made their First Holy Communion and show a commitment to serve
Preparation and Training
Preparation and Training is usually held between January and March each year. Preparation begins with a meeting with the parents to help them understand their role in the ministry of Altar Serving. The parent meeting is followed by four training sessions – one hour per session on a Wednesday from 3.45pm -4.45pm – under the supervision of the Altar Server Coordinator and team.

After the four sessions an Altar Server will then serve two Masses with a senior Altar Server., before being placed on the rota.

If you would like to join our wonderful team of Altar servers contact Christine Woods Coordinator through the Parish Office 01 495 8694 or email [email protected]