Pastoral Council

The function of the Parish Pastoral Council is one of leadership and giving direction. It has a role of identifying pastoral priorities and ensuring these priorities are attended to by calling on the members of the parish to use their gifts in response to the needs identified.

The PPC is a voluntary body, consultative by its nature and set up to advise the Parish Priest in the governance of the Parish. It is regulated by the norms laid down by the Archbishop of Dublin. (C.L. 536.)

The council are co-responsible with the parish priest for the being and action of the parish. Our PPC has been in place since 1997 and at present has twelve members.

The composition of the council are:

  • Ex officio members, all those who by virtue of their office are engaged in full-time pastoral ministry in the parish.
  • Four members elected by the parish community at a Parish Assembly;
  • Four parishioners elected from the geographical areas of the parish;
  • Three appointees of the Parish Priest because of their expertise in particular fields in consultation with the parish team and further consultation with the PPC when deemed necessary.
  • Representatives of the religious communities active in the parish.

PPC Serving Members are as follows:

President: Fr. Martin Cosgrove,

Marurice Priestley (Chairperson)

Cathy Carey (Secretary)

Edward O’Riordan

Paul Martin

Greg Boska

Mairin Heffernan

Sr. Brid O’Sullivan

Mark Woods

Sr. Kathleen MacLennon

Jim Moore

Ciara Kelehan

Contact with the PPC may be made through the Parish Office: 01 495 8695