Folk Group

Parish of the Annunciation Rathfarnham Folk GroupThe group sings every other week at the 6.45pm Saturday Vigil Mass and at other special services and events during the year. Their music ranges from joyful to contemplative to suit the different services.

The group meets on a Tuesday at 8.15pm in the parish pastoral centre the Saturday before they are due to sing at Mass. At this practice session the group reflect on the Mass readings for that weekend and endeavour to choose songs that enhance the theme and message of the readings. Previous experience and ability to read music in not required. The practice session is conducted in an informal and fun way. The group also have social occasions which add to this supportive and caring group.

People of all ages, men, women and older teens 16+ are very welcome to join us. Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses or Musicians such as guitarists, keyboard players, violinists, flautists, etc. are always welcome.

If you would like more information contact Bronwen O’Reilly group leader through the parish pastoral office on 01-4958695 or email on [email protected].